Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

1. The contest is open to professional artists from Poland and abroad as well as to students in the final year at Art Academies. Participation in the contest is free of charge.

2. Each artist may submit three of his/her own works, created between 2014-2018 and not displayed or awarded to date, to the contest.

3. Eligible entries will be executed in the oil pastel or dry pastel techniques on one plane (diptychs, trip-tychs, etc., as well as collages and other mixed media are excluded).

4. Entries must be submitted without frames, only in passe-partout with dimensions: 100 x 70 cm and/or 50 x 70 cm or without passe-partout with dimensions 100 x 70 cm and/or 50 x 70 cm.

5. The post-contest exhibition will be presented in uniform 100 x 70 cm and 50 x 70 cm frames provided by the Organisers.

6. The Organisers reserve the right to change the passe-partout (its colours) if it is necessary for the consistency of the post-contest exhibition.

7. The Qualifying Committee will select the entries to be presented at the contest exhibition on the basis of the printed photographs submitted, 13 x 18 cm in size.

To enable their identification, copies of the works submitted must be labelled with the following information: the entrant's forename and surname, title of the entry, date of creation, medium, dimensions. Note: The Organisers do not return the submitted materials. They remain in the contest's documentation.

8. Contest winners will be selected by an international Jury, upon viewing the original entries. The Jury has the right to reject the pre-selected works if they blatantly violate the Contest rules (e.g., a different entry, medium or dimensions). Decisions of the Qualifying Committee and the Jury are final and indisputable.

9. The entries selected for the Contest will be displayed on the website of the 7th International Biennial Pastel Exhibition and visitors to this online Gallery will have an opportunity to vote for the work which should receive the Audience Award. The results of the online voting will be published online as well as in the Biennial catalogue.


10. 15th October, 2018 - deadline for submitting legibly filled-in Registration Forms together with the author's photograph and three copies of the entries in the form of printed photographs, 13 x 18 cm in size, and in the digital form on CD or DVD in the JPG or TIF, 300 dpi, or CMYK format. The postmark date will serve as proof of the date of submission.

Note: It is possible to fill in the Registration Form online at the Contest website at: and submit it electronically enclosing the entries' reproductions, 13 x 18 cm in size, in the JPG or TIF, 300 dpi, or CMYK format.

11. 30th October, 2018 - deadline for informing the artists about the decision of the Qualifying Committee. The list of participants of the contest exhibition will be posted on the contest website at:

12. 25th November, 2018 - deadline for submitting selected entries without frames or glass with the information label attached at the back, in folders. The entries should be well-protected against damage.

The authors cover the costs of delivery and insurance of their entries for the duration of their transportation to the contest.

The Organisers shall not be liable for any damage or loss of the entries during transportation.

13. On 6th September, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., the results of the Contest will be announced and winners will be granted awards during the official opening of the 7th International Biennial Pastel Exhibition at BWA SOKOL Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nowy Sqcz at 3 Dlugosza Street. The list of the winning Contest entrants will also be posted on the contest website at

concluding information

14. The Organisers reserve the right:

- to publicise images of the submitted entries in mass media and to produce documentation in form of bulletins, catalogues, video and films for promotional purposes without paying royalties to authors;

- to process and publicise the authors' personal information and photographs in the exhibition catalogue and in mass media for the purpose of promoting the Contest and the Post-Contest Exhibition.

15. The winning works (1 work of art) remain the property of the Organisers. This rule does not apply to works which received honourable mentions.

16. The Organisers are planning to publish a catalogue with reproductions of the entries selected for the exhibition. Each entrant shall receive one copy of the catalogue and a poster free of charge.

17. The Contest Exhibition will be shown at BWA SOKOL Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nowy Sacz until 2nd November, 2019.

After this date, the entries can be collected in person or they will be sent back to the address listed in the Registration Form at the Organisers' cost.

The Organisers are not liable for any damages or loss of the entries during transportation.

Rules and regulations as well as the registration form are available at the contest website at: